SailfishOS on Nexus 6 (shamu)



WARNING: "Modifying or replacing your device’s software may void your device’s warranty,
lead to data loss, hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage, and therefore must be done entirely at your own risk.
No one affiliated with this project is responsible for your actions but yourself. Good luck."

What is SailfishOS?

Sailfish OS is a GNU/Linux based mobile operating system, which is gesture-driven for the ease of use. It runs natively as glibc (not Android's bionic), has bash and busybox (not toolbox), uses Qt for UX, and other opensource projects in its middleware -- which basically is just like a Linux on your desktop, but needs Android drivers for some of device's hardware.

都在这了还不知道 SailfishOS 是啥的拉出去砍了 (雾)

What works

  • Screen (Display, touch)
  • LED
  • WLAN
  • Audio
  • Buttons (Volume and Power)
  • Vibrate
  • SMS
  • USB (Charging and developer mode)

What not works

  • Camera
  • Calling
  • Mobile data
  • Browser
  • Jolla Store ( I've not put required files to mer's OBS system now.)

What not tested

  • Other stuffs _(:з」∠)_

How to install

  • Enter TWRP, transfer downloaded zips to your Nexus 6 and flash them or use adb sideload

Flash LineageOS first , and flash SailfishOS without reboot. (Since device encryption is required on Nexus 6's Android while SailfishOS cannot run on a encrypted /data )

  • Reboot and wait SailfishOS logo appears on your screen, follow the instructions to complete initial settings .

  • Well done 🙂

Resources , including useful files to build yourself (Even though I don't place them ready for reuse 🙂

Bug report


To be continued......


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