Jolla MWC2019

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    马上又到了一年一度的MWC了,今年Jolla将继续参加,这次会有什么新的计划呢? 让我们拭目以待!


    根据 消息,Jolla将会在 Hall 5 Stand 5C41 展台,具体可以看这里[email protected]

  • 希望有新的计划和动作

  • 船长

    09:30:41 <r0kk3rz> i expect news at mwc, which is like next week
    09:30:48 <r0kk3rz> so how soon is sooner than that :P
    09:31:02 <louisdk> jaymzz, I understand. If there's nothing additional info let's move on :)
    09:31:41 <ApBBB> i'd love a small phone surprice in MWC :/
    09:31:50 <Jaymzz> r0kk3rz: insert [I don't know smiley] :D
    09:31:59 <Jaymzz> louisdk: Alright cool :)
    09:32:01 <r0kk3rz> nobody makes small phones anymore ApBBB you know this
    09:32:10 <pasik> heh, totally unrelated; i just got a notification from my jollac about this meeting starting in half an hour.. and i checked the calendar event, starting time there is correct, so the notification is "one hour late" for some reason, wtf
    09:33:16 <Jaymzz> ApBBB: Our presence at MWC is different than the preious years. We won't have a stand there. But we are present and we do have a ton of meetings planned. So while I can't promise a small phone announcement, I can say that this year will be as exciting, even with our different approach to the show.